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Become a partner in a group that will offer you tangible advantages

As a partner in the athagoras group, you will become part of a network of leading enterprises that pursue the common goal of supporting Pharmaceutical, Biotech and MedTech companies in bringing their innovative products on the market as efficiently and fast as possible.

In the challenges we are meeting, we recognize opportunities for growth. We offer financial resources, assistance with administrative tasks, innovative technology, and fresh impulses. Within athagoras, the culture, values and brand of your company remain, while you can confer with experts and drive your international expansion.

Profit in many ways:
Icon Kapital athagoras

Capital for your expansion

We provide the financial resources your company needs to continue to grow successfully in the future. This enables you to leave restrictions and bottlenecks behind and expand successfully in order to play a leading role in the market in the long term.
Icon Firmen-Gruppe athagoras

Support from a strong group

In joining athagoras, you secure the future of your company. Being part of a strong group of enterprises will enhance your capabilities in facing adversities. You can pursue a successful expansion in order to continue to play a leading role in your market. Your name and your culture will be preserved, and we will ensure that you can continue to drive the development of the enterprise you have built.
Icon Internationalisierung athagoras

Know-how for your internationalization

Together with you, we will drive the internationalization of your company. Through us, you will get access to a broad spectrum of data that will help you to enhance the informative value and transferability of your analyses and recommendations. You will profit from resources and a broad spectrum of expertise from the management as well as from the other partner entrepreneurs. With our support, you can make the products you are supporting accessible for the largest possible patient population.
Icon Entlastung administrativer Aufgaben athagoras

Lightening of your administrative load

Within our community, you profit from integrated services that save you time and effort. Thus, you can focus on your core competencies and drive your company towards your goals. No matter if it is sales and marketing, the improvement of processes or the recruiting and retention of employees – we will aid in all these areas.
Icon Synergien athagoras

Synergies and new technology from the group

We foster interdisciplinary cooperation within our group and create a climate where experts from different fields can learn from each other. We apply cutting-edge technology like AI-supported modeling and simulation techniques. That way, we may gain new insights regarding the prospective demand for new drugs in certain indication areas or we may simulate the effects of pricing strategies. In addition, the analysis and interpretation of clinical study data can be optimized.
If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.